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Marauder Wrestling

Does YOUR Sport Have Bloodtime?!

January 17th, 2024. The team reacts to senior Matthew Dawood winning a JV match on parents night. Photo courtesy of Tien Le.


Team Regionals at Fraser High School
All the work the kids put in during the off season, pre-season, and regular season all led to Team Regionals on Wednesday last week! While many other couples were on dates for Valentine's Day, the Marauder Wrestlers and coaches were in the trenches, attempting to realize the goal they had visualized since the start of the season. In the first round, Warren Mott wrestled Dearborn Fordson, who had 6 wrestlers qualify for individual regionals. 

The starting weight was 190, so Jay Davis was first up! Jay wrestled a tough opponent but worked hard to keep it close and saved the team 3 points, only giving up a decision. After that, Ethan Drozdowkski wrestled at 215 against another Fordson 190 pounder. The match was very tight until Ethan hit a hard inside trip in the 3rd period where he was able to pin and score 6 team points. At heavyweight, Bradyn Glentzer succumbed to a more experienced opponent and was pinned. Wrapping back around to the 106 lb weight class (the start of the Warren Mott "Gauntlet"), the team score was 6-9 in Fordson's favor. However that quickly changed as a result of back to back pins from Shane Stevens and Cameron Leone. At 120 pounds, 4-year wrestler James Robinson walked on the mat with a season record of 0-0. Despite only having 4 practices under his belt since returning to the sport, James was able to wrestle all 6 minutes and win by decision. At this point the score was now 21-9, with Mott in the lead. At 126 pounds, Moe Ahmed listened carefully to his coaches and wrestled smartly to save 3 team points and only give up a decision. At 132, Kiet earned another pin, extending Mott's lead to 27-12. At 138 pounds, Adil Salam went into overtime in an exciting match, but ended up getting caught pinned at the edge of the mat. At 144 pounds, John Kaminski wrestled hard in a tight match but lost by decision. As morale was beginning to dwindle, Tristian Perdue-Daniels reignited the team's spirit with an expertly wrestled match that ended in a fast pin. The team score was now 33-21 with 18 team points left for the taking. Jude Kaptur wrestled at 157 pounds and pulled off an overtime win, guaranteeing Warren Mott Victory. Instead of wrestling Paul Khamo and Jullian Reeves, the Marauders voided weights 165 and 175 to avoid the possibility of injury. 

As anticipated, the next match was against Fraser High School, in front of their own crowd who, up to this point, had been quite vocal. Despite this, the Varsity Boys, JV, and Lady Marauders along with their friends and family matched and occasionally drowned out the Fraser cheers. With this energy at their backs, the Marauders rallied back from an opening loss at 215 with a HUGE pin at heavyweight from Robert Deal. This win changed the course of the whole dual. As the duel entered the Marauder "Gauntlet", the score was 6-6. Shane Stevens and Cameron Leone earned 6 team points each with back to back pins.  At 120 the Marauders gave up a pin, making the team score 18-12 Marauders. At 126, Moe Ahmed again wrestled smartly against a bigger opponent and saved the team 1 point by only giving up a tech fall. After that, Mott won the next 5 matches: Kiet Tran (major), Adil Salam (decision), John Kaminski (decision), John Kaminski (decision), and Tristian Perdue-Daniels (pin). After Trisitian's second pin of the day, the Regional Championship was secured! After discussion with the Fraser coaching staff, Warren Mott voided weights 165, 175, and 190 instead of wrestling Paul Khamo, Jullian Reeves, and Ethan Drozdowski. For the first time in school history, the Warren Mott Wrestling Team are Regional Champions and are headed to team states!


Boys Individual Regionals at Chippewa Valley High School
Of the 9 regional qualifiers that entered the tournament (a school record), 6 qualified for Individual States (another school record)!
The regional medal winners are listed below:
Champion: Paul Khamo (165)
2nd: John Kaminski (144)
3rd: Cameron Leone (113), Kiet Tran (132), Jude Kaptur (150)
4th: Adil Salam (138)
It is also worth noting that the 3 wrestlers who placed above Adil at this tournament are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the state, according to Michigan Grappler. 

Girls Individual Regionals at Groves High School
Of the 9 girls that entered the tournament, 2 qualified for Individual States:
3rd: Makayla Perdue-Daniels (125)
4th: Megan Melnyk (125)
It is also worth noting that Aria Sayajon made it to the blood round and lost in sudden victory over time. 

Congratulations to the team as a whole and all of our individual state qualifiers!

Thank you Diane Kroll for taking great photos!

Diane Kroll, professional photographer, has taken photos of our wrestlers at many competitions this year. She has very generously provided pictures from several competitions for free. These pictures can be found using the link to the google drive below.

Thank you Diane!

Diane's contact info is listed below, please reach out to her if you have need of a professional photographer!
Phone: (313) 445-5701
Instagram: @dianelynnphoto

Thank you Tien for taking great photos!

Tien Le has taken photos of our wrestlers at many competitions this year. He has very generously posted all of his pictures for free online. These pictures can be found using the links below. 

Thank you Tien!

Words of Wisdom

The personality of a person, the ways of a person, the thoughts, the deeds and the actions of a person are all based on his heart, for what is a man? A man is his heart! A lying, cheating heart means a lying, cheating man. A merciful, loving heart means a merciful, loving man.

A living heart means a living man and a dead heart means a dead man. Regardless of man’s title, regardless of man’s wealth, rank or position - if the heart is not great then he cannot not be great. But if the heart is great then man remains great under all circumstances - rich or poor, large or small.

-Muhammad Ali