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Marauder Wrestling

Does YOUR Sport Have Bloodtime?!

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Wrestlers please register for Snap! Raise using the link below and add 20 emails:

Sign up on Snap! Raise (for those of you that are new to it) or log in (if you've used it before) using this link:

You will be directed to add your emails. The expectation is that every member of our team has 20 quality emails uploaded to your profile

Welcome to Marauder Wrestling

Welcome to the Marauder Wrestling website! This is the source for information, updates and resources for wrestlers affiliated with Warren Mott HS or the Marauder Wrestling Club.

Across the top of this page you will find drop down menus for various activities involving either the high school team or the youth club.  Spend some time exploring our site and learn what makes the Marauder Wrestling Community one of the fastest growing and most rapidly improving programs in our area.