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Marauder Wrestling
2024 Regional Champions

USA Wrestling Tournament on Saturday August 3rd

See link to tournament flyer below

C&G Newspaper article about Boys Season

Courtesy of Jonathan Szczepaniak. Thank you Jon!

C&G Newspaper Article about Girls Season

Courtesy of Jonathan Szczepaniak. Thank you Jon!


The historic success of the 2023-2024 season was made possible by the collective contributions of many individuals, some of whom are listed below:

Paul Salyers, Jeff Pruitt, Mike Perkins, Eddy Daniels, Kevin Haberski, Dave Stemmle, Joe Hupfer, Justin Schwemle, Mike Paris, Leann Abad, Steven Salyers

Bola Oluwole

Athletic Director
Stephen Bardelline

Special Thanks
Mr. Carpenter
Tara Melnyk, Jenna Godfryd, Marissa Sayajon, Christa Perdue
All families who prepared food for tournaments
Gail Salyers, Janet Pruitt, Lauren Bozzo, Chelsea Sommers
All wrestlers who participated in roughnecks in the off season
All wrestlers who went to camps in the off season
All wrestlers who competed in the off season
All wrestlers who practiced in Adil's garage
All wrestlers who managed their weight, listened to the coaches, wrestled through aches, pains, and when they weren't feeling good


Off season starts now! Looking forward to the 2024-2025 season!

January 17th, 2024. The team reacts to senior Matthew Dawood winning a JV match on parents night. Photo courtesy of Tien Le.

Words of Wisdom

The personality of a person, the ways of a person, the thoughts, the deeds and the actions of a person are all based on his heart, for what is a man? A man is his heart! A lying, cheating heart means a lying, cheating man. A merciful, loving heart means a merciful, loving man.

A living heart means a living man and a dead heart means a dead man. Regardless of man’s title, regardless of man’s wealth, rank or position - if the heart is not great then he cannot not be great. But if the heart is great then man remains great under all circumstances - rich or poor, large or small.

-Muhammad Ali