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Marauder Wrestling

Does YOUR Sport Have Bloodtime?!

Team store closes at midnight!

Please use the link below to shop at the Marauder Wrestling team store. The store closes at midnight on Monday, November 27, so shop now!

Concussion Baseline Exam

The concussion imPACT test is a test to require an athlete's baseline in an event a concussion occurs. This test MUST be done on a computer and by the athlete.

If the athlete is unable to take the test due to not having access to a computer please contact Ms. Bola (athletic trainer) to set up a time to take the test with her.

Please note the concussion test was sent to the athlete's school email address. If you did not receive an email to your inbox, please first check your spam folder, then contact either Ms. Bola or Coach Nolan immediately. This test must be completed no later than Thursday November 30, 2023

The best way to contact Ms. Bola is through email:

Nutrition Quiz

All wrestlers are required to complete a nutrition quiz, have a parent or guardian sign it, and turn it into to Coach Nolan before they will be allowed to compete.

The Nutrition Presentation and Nutrition Quiz can be downloaded by clicking the icons below.

Words of Wisdom

The personality of a person, the ways of a person, the thoughts, the deeds and the actions of a person are all based on his heart, for what is a man? A man is his heart! A lying, cheating heart means a lying, cheating man. A merciful, loving heart means a merciful, loving man.

A living heart means a living man and a dead heart means a dead man. Regardless of man’s title, regardless of man’s wealth, rank or position - if the heart is not great then he cannot not be great. But if the heart is great then man remains great under all circumstances - rich or poor, large or small.

-Muhammad Ali